Posted by: spiritthrive | December 11, 2012

The Suspended Moon

This morning the moon was in the East, with Venus appearing nearby. As the sun rose, the quarter moon was lit beautifully, easily illuminating the full circumference of the moon, revealing many of its surface features. A celestial poem and prayer to begin my day.

I could hear a voice in my head suggesting how marvelously the moon was suspended in the sky.

Then, just as quickly, another voice corrects, “The moon isn’t suspended! It revolves and rotates, just as all the planetary bodies do! Only people with a low level of understanding would think the moon is ‘suspended’!”

Wow! The heated level of rebuke in my voice wiped out the beauty and mystery I was feeling only moments ago. I went from wonder to sadness.

Who am I to think I have a level of understanding that is sophisticated at all?

Perhaps on the Grand Scale of Things, those behind my first voice have an understanding on Level 1,422 and mine is Level 1,423, and there’s millions of levels!

O Judgment, Where Is Thy Poetry?


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