Posted by: spiritthrive | March 28, 2013

Moving Energy

Everything we do involves the movement of energy.

As I type this sentence, I am listening to my favorite rock song of all time, Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” For me, the energy moved by that song is phenomenal! Beginning with the pleasant guitar intro, Steven Tyler’s rough but lilting voice continues to build through the ballad’s verses, climaxing with his trademark screams towards the end, easily leaping octave intervals into a compelling falsetto, skillfully transiting the waves of blues progressions like the master that he is. I’m exhausted when it’s finished. The good kind. It’s reminiscent my experience with at least a dozen Zeppelin songs.

I’ve heard this recording of “Dream On” a thousand times yet can I recall its lyrics? No, because that’s not the point—really or at all.

Good musicians use their talents to create art such that listeners are engaged, are involved, are moved. From Bach to The Beatles, Handel to Hendrix, Chopin to Chicago, all these masters grokked the concept of moving energy. Sometimes it takes producers, agents and others to recognize, develop and promote these energy moving talents.

It is the same with writing, painting, speaking, acting and all other creative endeavors. All evoking emotional responses, all moving energy in their beholders. Even more “mundane” interactions move energy, such as driving, breathing, reading, thinking. All are important, all dynamic.

People sometimes say they don’t like small talk. I used to abhor it. I came to realize, though, that it’s not really about “How’s the weather?” or “See any good movies lately?” It’s an energy exchange with another human being.

Remember throughout the day that in all your interactions with others energy will be moved. Learning to contribute positively, in a way that benefits all concerned, is the root of success and happiness.


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